I have a background in business and marketing, and strong interest for information technology. I enjoy looking for solutions to complex problems and turning challenges into small and manageable tasks.

Work experience

Marketing Manager


October 2018 — Present

Digital Director


March 2018 — October 2018

Together with my team we have been bringing to life digital projects ranging from simple landing pages, through complex lead generation platforms with integration of third-party services, to sophisticated installations relying on sensory data. The needs of our clients, and the range of tools available evolve. My task is to help our teams learn quickly, try new technologies and know what their implications are (Progressive Web Apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Voice Recognition), and thus offer confident and working solutions to our clients. In this dynamic environment, I have to make sure that information flow is consistent and all team members are working closely together.

Deputy Client Services Director


March 2016 — October 2018

My responsibility is to set the tone and direction of the way we work with our clients, to exceed their great expectations. This is why my goal is to optimise all processes (external with our clients and internal with our creative department and development department), so that we are able to focus more on what is really important — the creative proposals that are thought to solve clients’ needs. An important part of my duties is business development — managing connections with potential clients and creating proposals. I have relied on my marketing and digital background and thus introduced new practices to the creative department — regarding tracking of activities within our campaigns and optimising for higher results.

Digital Project Manager


January 2014 — March 2018

NEXT-DC is a digital creative agency — we create digital solutions for the marketing and advertising needs of our clients (Heineken, Telenor, Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia Vodka, Lidl). My role is to facilitate the processes of data acquisition and analysis, creative ideas generation, planning and development. By working closely with our clients, our creative and development teams, it is my responsibility that every project is delivered effectively on time and brings value.



2014 — Present

Fresh out of Fibank, I joined the then starting boutique bicycle shop 1bike in the desire to build a company of my own, producing something I love — bicycles. In one year we managed to open a work shop in Sofia, increase annual sales by 150% to 105 customised bikes in 2014, launch a new website with an e-shop. In 2015 we initiated the “Kolelo za smet, za dete velosiped” charity campaign that let us donate bicycles to children in need — 70 in 2015 and 230 in 2016.

My responsibilities:

University Lecturer

New Bulgarian University

2015 — Present

As a part of a new Master programme (Public relations in social media and social networks) my responsibility it to teach the course in Return on investment in social media. My course focuses on:

Marketing and New Media Specialist


June 2010 — December 2013

Fresh our of the university, I relied on marketing theory and my blogging and social media experience to develop Fibank’s current online strategy. Fibank’s blog became a friendly source of information about the services of the bank and how customers could use them to make their own financial lives easier. Fibank’s Facebook page and Twitter profile turned into customer support channels — we were always there to help. Driven by the desire for simplicity and the love for technology, I helped Fibank’s development team build mobile banking apps and improve UX of its online services.


MSc International Marketing and Brand Management

Lund University, Sweden

2009 — 2010

The courses:

Master thesis: Problematising consumer agency of brands: Brand meaning in commoditisation and decommoditisation of brands

BSc International Economic Relations

University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria

2005 — 2009

The courses:

Bachelor thesis: Social media as a marketing communications channel — trends and implications

Qualifications and Skills

Web tools

Google Analytics (together with Google Tag Manager), Facebook Ad Manager, Twitter Analytics

Project management

Agile and Scrum as methodologies
Trello and Asana as tools

Operating systems

Office suites

Data analysis and visualisation