When I was a kid, a small construction set showed me the joy of creating things with purpose and of value. As I grew up, I figured we all have needs and wants — some conscious, others yet to be realised. I wanted to know these needs and wants better. I graduated in Marketing, because I still loved creating things and I just wanted to be better at it.

A few years later, I have been working for brands and companies such as Heineken, Telenor, BMW, MINI, Jack Daniel's, Finlandia Vodka and more, bringing to life exceptional digital products and advertising campaigns together with my colleagues at NEXT-DC.

Gradually, an aspect of information technology attracted my attention — information security and data privacy. This is how I joined the team of AMATAS.

In my free time, my passion for cycling made me a part of 1bike — a shop for custom bicycles. Between 2014 and 2018 we've managed to create and transform more than 300 bikes for clients of ours, and bring joy to more than 500 kids in charity campaigns. We have temporarily ceased operations.

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